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ASBPA 2018 Symposium

ASBPA Texas Chapter 2018 Symposium
“Recovering Texas Shorelines”


The oral program included 15 to 20-minute presentations along with poster presentations.


Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi campus (6300 Ocean Dr., Corpus Christi, TX, 78412).

Amanda Fuller Gulf of Mexico Restoration Program 20180424_151814
Chris Levitz Compass 20180424_144036
Cris Weber Freese Nichols 20180424_162719
David Buzan20180424_113328
Dedre Williams 20180424_093734
Dr. Himangshu Das USACE 20180424_133205
Gerald Songy HDR 20180424_111947
Michael Wurl TAMUG 20180424_103817
Philip Blackmar – HDR 20180424_095944
Quin Robertson APTIM 20180424_115104
Tiffany Caudle – UT Bureau of Economic Geology 20180424_153407

Program Presentations

8:30 AM

8:50 AM
A Study of The Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Galveston
Ben Ritt, View Presentation PDF

9:10 AM
Water depths, currents, and sediment transport in a tidal environment: An example from a modern flood tidal delta in Texas
Julia Wellner, View Presentation PDF

9:30 AM
Impact of Offshore Directed Forcing During Hurricane Harvey on Sediment Transport and Structural Integrity at Packery Channel, Corpus Christi Texas
Deidre Williams, View Presentation PDF

9:50 AM
Assessing Coastal Change following Hurricane Harvey with Lidar and UAS Photogrammetry
Michael Starek, View Presentation PDF

10:25 AM
Sargassum Early Advisory System (SEAS)
Michael Wurl, View Presentation PDF

10:45 AM
La Quinta Terminal Aquatic Habitat Mitigation Project
Kyle McElroy, View Presentation PDF

11:05 AM
Enhancing Oyster Habitat in Galveston Bay at San Leon Reef
Gerald Songy, EIT, View Presentation PDF

11:25 AM
Synonyms?: Rock Breakwater and Living Shoreline
David Buzan, View Presentation PDF

11:45 AM
Chasing Paleochannels for McFaddin’s Beach Nourishment Sand Source
Quin Robertson, View Presentation PDF

12:05 PM
Lunch (Guest Speaker, Cameron Perry)

1:25 PM
Galveston Beach placement project case studies, and an empirical formula to estimate borrow sediments ultimate beach capability based on construction methods
Coraggio Maglio, P.E, View Presentation PDF

1:45 PM
local dredge ownership and cost reduction feasibility study
Ray Devlin, View Presentation PDF

2:05 PM
Challenges And Benefits of Concrete Riprap As An Alternative to Rock
Philip Blackmar, View Presentation PDF

2:25 PM
Hurricane Harvey: Texas Coastal Erosion Hot Spot Analysis
Chris Levits, P.E., View Presentation PDF

3:00 PM
Post Harvey restoration, planning and recovery
Amanda Fuller, View Presentation PDF

3:20 PM
Rapid response on the Texas coast: acquiring Post-Harvey lidar and imagery to assess storm impact and monitor recovery
Tiffany Caudle, View Presentation PDF

3:40 PM
Investigating the effects of sea level rise and future landscapes on storm surge in the Galveston Bay region
Mukesh Subedee, View Presentation PDF

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