American Shore & Beach Preservation Association
Preservation Through Conservation

Please see the attached resolution, which is self-explanatory that was approved by the Board of Directors and adopted by the Texas ASBPA Chapter.  As you know or have heard of the potential funds the State of Texas will receive as a result of the Restore Act, we would like if you could obtain a similar resolution from as many Cities, Councils, Commissioners Courts, Boards, or basically any entity that has a letterhead with a governing body that is located adjacent to the coast.  Besides letting our legislators know about these resolutions, we will also use them when we visit legislators during the ASBPA Washington Summit 2/25 to 2/27/14.

We would appreciate if you know or know acquaintances who can contact a local government official/entity to adopt a similar resolution and to please send me a copy.  Just change the references to the Texas Chapter and ASBPA in the attached and insert the government entity.

Thanks for your help on this very important matter.

Jerry Mohn

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