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Legislative Agenda:  At the December 5 meeting in Surfside Beach, Legislative Committee Co-Chair John Lee reviewed the legislative agenda the Chapter developed for the Texas 2013 Session and the 2014 Federal one.  There is also a scorecard a scorecard in what was and was not accomplished.

John also prepared a list of items the Texas Chapter would like to see added to the 2015 Federal Legislative agenda.

Please take the time to review the pdfs to make certain the items are everything you and your area want to see legislatively to happen in 2015.  Either email me or John ( additions/deletions, and/or other recommendations.

2014-12-02 Federal Legislative Agenda Score Card for Brazoria Meeting 12-5-2014.pdf

2014-12-02 Possible 2015 Federal Items Texas Chapter.pdf

2014-12-02 State Legislative Agenda Score Card for Brazoria Meeting 12-5-2014.pdf

We are now coming into the 2015 Legislative Session for Texas plus the upcoming ASBPA Coastal Summit in Washington D.C. in February and if any member is in Austin or Washington to use the items in your discussions with legislators.

Newsletter:  Cris Weber, Co-Chair of the Communications Committee, would like to get out a Texas ASBPA Chapter Newsletter the end of February, 2015, and he is seeking articles to include.  If you have an article, please send to Cris at:

You have to agree the Newsletter’s printed so far have been outstanding so please communicate or send Cris an article.

Many thanks again.

Jerry Mohn

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