American Shore & Beach Preservation Association
Preservation Through Conservation

Attn:  Texas ASBPA Members and Friends

One week to go for a fabulous Texas ASBPA Chapter luncheon meeting on August 31 at the Galveston Island Convention Center.  As mentioned previously, the meeting will tie in with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers CERB (Coastal Engineering Research Board) meeting at the Galveston District Headquarters, September 1 – 2.

Please see the agenda for the meeting and you will see we have a really great meeting planned with outstanding presentations and speakers.  The food is spectacular so come hungry and hear why CERB is so important to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and why the Galveston U.S. Army Corp of Engineers District is so important to the Texas Chapter.

We have 5 great luncheon sponsors so please come and please bring your associates and friends.

Jerry Mohn
Texas ASBPA Chapter

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