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The following message is from the ASBPA Executive Director, Derek Brockbank, on the American Shoreline Podcast Network that was initiated by Texas Chapter Board Member Peter Ravella of PARC Consulting with Tyler Buckingham.  Peter discussed this program at the August 23 Texas Chapter lunch meeting here on Galveston Island.

Please enjoy the American Shoreline Podcast Network.

Jerry Mohn


Subject: ASBPA Email #1: Podcast

ASBPA is pleased to share that we are a sponsor and contributor to the newly started American Shoreline Podcast Network (ASPN), a podcast series on all things coastal being produced in connection with the re-launch of Coastal News Today.

The weekly series is hosted by ASBPA members, Peter Ravella & Tyler Buckingham, and will have regular contributors with their own specific show topics. On behalf of ASBPA, I will be hosting an ASPN podcast on federal shore and beach policy called “The Capitol Beach.”

I also was a guest on the most recent episode (Episode 5).  In the podcast, I talked about my background with beaches and coastlines starting with my very first visit to a beach at 4 months old right up to the work I’ve been doing on the Water Resources Development Act currently being considered in Congress.  Peter, Tyler and I also discussed what ASBPA does and what the future of the organization looks like, as well as what to expect from “The Capitol Beach.”

Finally, we are pleased to share that ASPN will be hosting three “live” episodes at the National Coastal Conference in Galveston. If you’re at the Conference, come find Peter and Tyler at their booth, and you might be able to be a guest on one episode! (And yes, you can still register for the conference here.)

Listen or subscribe to the podcast here.

“ASPN is the platform for top minds in coastal business, policy, and advocacy. Gain unparalleled industry intelligence and access to a connected coastal business community. Become better prepared, better informed, and thus better at your job. See the complete coastal economic landscape and get an in-depth understanding of critical issues affecting American shorelines. No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. We are open to a dialogue of differing views and we get to the crux of how deals happen. Because on the coast, we can thrive only together.”

Subscribe to The American Shoreline Podcast Network on Spotify, BreakerPocket CastsRadioPublic, or Google Podcasts.

Regards and hope you enjoy!

Derek Brockbank
Executive Director,

American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA)


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