American Shore & Beach Preservation Association
Preservation Through Conservation

We hope you have saved the date for the Texas American Shore & Beach Preservation Association meeting on Tuesday, February 19, in Austin.

The 86th Legislative Session is underway and the Texas ASBPA Chapter always has a meeting in Austin during session in order for members to not only attend the luncheon but also to meet their legislators.  We again will have a BBQ buffet luncheon at Scholtz Garden and we have a terrific program as outlined in the attached agenda with General Land Office Commissioner, George P. Bush, as our guest speaker. 

In addition, State Senator Larry Taylor and State Representative Todd Hunter will give an update on windstorm insurance and the newly elected State Representative, Mayes Middleton, will give insight on his first legislative session as an elected official.  Peter Ravella will talk about the “Coastal News Today”; Cris Weber will discuss the Texas ASBPA Chapter Newsletter and the 5th Symposium the Texas Chapter plans in Corpus Christi; and, Board Member John Lee discusses briefly the Federal and State Legislative Agendas.

So please join us and bring your associates and friends to the Texas ASBPA Chapter luncheon in Austin on February 19.

Thank you again and hope to see you at the luncheon.

Jerry Mohn

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