American Shore & Beach Preservation Association
Preservation Through Conservation

We hope to see you at Texas Chapter of the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association meeting on Tuesday, February 19, in Austin at Scholtz Garden.*

We have a great program for you as indicated in the agenda (click to view) with presentations by the GLO Commissioner and state legislators.

There is no registration necessary or a charge for the luncheon, just come hungry because the lunch sponsor host, AECOM, is providing a fabulous BBQ buffet lunch, which we appreciate.

If you have not already advised, please let me know if you plan to attend the luncheon and if you have guests.  Thank you again and hope to see you at the luncheon.

Jerry Mohn

*Scholtz Garden will be closed to the public because besides our event, there is another function going on so please enter the facility for the TEXAS ASBPA Chapter lunch on 17th Street.

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